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Staffing Services in Support of Military Veterans & Spouses 

DirectFit Staffing Services recognizes the tremendous skill and value that military veterans can bring to the workplace. In Orange Park, Florida, our work agency offices around the country partner with local employers to recruit and hire military veterans and their significant others.

We take great pride in knowing that we are helping our servicemen and women pursue employment opportunities.  We focus more on providing the client with quality employees than quantity.  DirectFit Staffing Solutions strides to exceed the high standards that have already been set by the client.  We recruit highly skilled and committed professional veterans for employment opportunities throughout the country.

Meet Your Fit 

DirectFit Staffing Solutions sets itself apart in the staffing industry because of our ability to provide staffing services tailored to each market we service. Divisions, or new locations that have the candidates ready to hire but need to run them through our staffing company first, will have a much lower bill rate. The most effective way to assist our customers and contract employees is to understand the industries you work in, including:

Cube Structure

• Architecture
• Automotive
• Construction
• Energy
• Engineering
• Environmental
• Accounting & Finance

• Administrative
• Aerospace & Defense
• Aviation
• Call Center
• Clinical & Medical
• Labor
• Manufacturing

We offer various services in the fields. Our staffing services can cover almost any need and include:

Temporary Labor | These employees will fill in as needed for any length of time for three days to one year. These employees are used for projects and gear ups or busy times during the year.

Temp to permanent | These employees are for those positions that are a little more skilled, and you will be spending time training so they can be hired by your company at no charge.

Direct Hire | This is used for those positions that your company will not run through a staffing agency.  These can be filled worldwide, and we have a team that just fills those orders.